Your Amazon seller account is suspended? You don’t know why and you don’t know how to reinstate it?
We have successfully reinstated several hundreds accounts of our clients. We can also help you!
We are not affiliated with Amazon, we are independent consultants.

Why choose us?


We are a group of passionate people that have multiple years of experience in selling products on Amazon and on other online platforms. We have extended knowledge of Amazons policies and their appeal system.


Each case we receive is unique and our action plans are tailor made for every client. Our guaranteed delivery time for all action plans is 24 hours. In urgent cases “Priority” and “Emergency Action Plans” can be delivered within 6 hours at an extra cost.

Success rate

We take our job very seriously, and we do our absolute best to help our clients. 99,9 % of our clients have gotten their Amazon account reinstated.

So don’t worry! You’ll be making money again soon! Let us handle reinstatement of your Amazon account.

Reinstate Amazon Account Strategy

Knowledge and experience

As we were Amazon sellers we have great experience by ourselves when our accounts were suspended. Besides that we read the case studies of other sellers and we are up to date with information published by Amazon.

24 h average response time

If we are not working on reinstating other accounts – we are going to answer you even sooner. Sometimes it may only take a few minutes.

24/7 support

We are as close as one phone call or email away to help you in case your Amazon account has been suspended. No matter what time of the day or year it is, we work relentlessly without any breaks.

98% clients rate our services excellent

Our clients like our professional and friendly approach. It’s not just the result that counts but also the process.

99 % success rate

We will do our very best to reinstate you Amazon account as soon as possible. Our knowledge and experience helps us reach very high success rates.

Money back guarantee

Please see our refund policy for more information.

Wall of Seller Account Reinstatements

We thought that you should now how happy are clients working with us

Is your Amazon account suspended? Let us help you to reinstate it!

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We have successfully reinstated several hundred accounts for our clients. We can also help you!