No one and I mean no one can guarantee your reinstatement. That’s the god honest truth.

Yes, I am sure that services out there — to include us — mean no harm by communicating and soliciting that we can reinstate your account. Because truth be told, we can reinstate your account. The problem is that we can not guarantee it 100%. Not one service can guarantee such a thing. Not your mom, not your son, not Donald Trump, not even your god.

We had a client once who was suspended from amazon and ended up hiring a service to help him write his Amazon appeal letter. This service — whoever it was — had misled and deceived this man and concocted this man into believing that his service would create the Amazon plan of action (POA) for him and would hand deliver the plan of action to the seller performance team personally, who were located on the top floor of a building in downtown Indianapolis. Does anybody see what the fuck is wrong here?

We had another Amazon seller who became my client after consulting with me for about 30minutes. This Amazon seller hired a fairly well known service. He disclosed to me that he has paid a lump sum amount of $700 for his Amazon appeal letter in order to have his Amazon seller account reinstated. My thoughts quickly focused on his next few words. “…and my amazon appeal was rejected”. This man had to go through American Express to get his refund back because the service would not respond to him in kind or return his calls regarding a refund. I’d have bitter taste too if I was in his shoes. I’m not sure what led this man to trust me when he had just been burned out of $700 dollars and had gone through this ordeal. Perhaps, it may have been his desperation and angst to get back to selling on Amazon. I’m sure that the total stop of cash flow could of had an impact on this as well.

We proceeded and I requested all his information and out of curiosity I wanted to see what the action plan from my competitor was… So he complied with my request and sent it. Goodness gracious, I thought. This man had been given what I could only describe if you could eat a checklist and questionnaire, gag and barf them onto your partner’s desk. Yea.. like a what the fuck is that? type deal. I told this man to make sure her definitely gets a refund — and to clarify and asked twice if he was sure this is plan of action they sent him and directed him to submit to Amazon for his appeal. Anyways, the guy is happily reinstated.

Other services will do what I can the ‘duck around’. You know the type. Those men and women that when you ask a direct question they dodge it and give you the run around or something other than yes or no. The type you could swear that if question dodging were a sport they’d be Olympians or some shit equal to that.

When you ask whether there are any guarantees with their service they panic and go into some sort of fucking hysteria in their minds to concoct some bullshit answer that sounds like they can guarantee your amazon seller account reinstatement but actually can’t. Then your misled to believe that your almighty amazon appeal letter or plan of action created by this service you chose will surely get you reinstated.

But then the moment of truth reigns down on you. You submitted your amazon appeal letter or plan of action and you wait and wait only to get that email from the, telling you they need more information, more invoices or that they decided you may longer sell on or the email from telling you that Jeff got your email and requested that they reply on his behalf, also telling you that they decided you may no longer sell on Amazon.

Now what.. your fucked. Your going into full blown, hysteria, probably even crying, you sink in your seat, don’t even know if you’ll make the bills this month. Car payment is due – baby crying in the back ground, and your husband or wife is probably fucking someone else, you probably just want to eat your pain away and say fuck it and just go into a coma… I’m joking.

You probably are freaking out though. Let me tell you the truth and explain once again.

Amazon is fucking crazy. No one outside Amazon knows anything for sure, which is why no one can guarantee anything to you — in regards to how they operate and why such things happen — except the IT and PhD gods at Amazon. Everything all these services say — to include us — and state is speculation. Here’s the thing though the speculation is more like a science and it pretty accurate and it’s based on previous first hand experiences from helping Amazon sellers who have become our clients and from information gathered from hundreds of Amazon sellers.

Now there are things you should know.
Yes….you can get reinstated with these services — to include using our services — but know that there’s no guarantee which is why we offer a refund or do a partial refund back. Its a hit or miss and it depends on many factors to include how your plan is actually written and what words you use, how long it is, what Indian guy or gal at Amazon handles your case, are they having a good or bad day, the volume of requests, did you provide all the information they requested, so many factors.

The truth is that the seller performance team may comeback and request for more information, more invoices, reply with the same copy paste robotic email or say you may never again sell on Amazon again.

But likewise it has happened hundreds of times where seller performance reply with a notice letting our clients know that they are reinstated and that they may sell again. The numbers are in and we have boiled this down to a science where we are pretty confident that we can help reinstate your account.

At the end of the day, everyone, even Kanye West, Vladimir Putin and Elizabeth Keen will get reinstated and be able to sell on Amazon again.

Just remember there are no guarantees but based on experience we are very confident that we are able to help create a solid and air tight plan of action, or Amazon appeal letter to maximize the chances of Amazon reinstating your amazon seller account. Not to toot our own horn, — we actually don’t like to brag, we let or past clients and appeal letters talk for themselves — but wouldn’t be where we are today if we weren’t good.

Remember, there much at stake here and there is money to be made to pay the bills and cover the overhead and expenses of your business operation. You need someone who is going to be direct and frank with you. Someone who does this every day. Not just an expert, a team of amazon seller experts who know what you are going through and have the experience to help reinstate your amazon seller account.

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