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I was not sure that my Amazon Account can be reinstated, that’s why I spoke to Kristians in the first place. He gave me free consultation first to see if he could do this. Answer was positive, so I paid fee and got action plan. First Amazon declined it, he redid the plan and finally my account was reinstated! I recommend this company, because they did their work fast and professionally!
Peter Bolt
First I tried to deal with suspension by myself, but I got nowhere! So I contacted smartsellerhelp.com staff and told them about my problem! I was thinking that it will take too much time and money, but I was very surprised when Joaquin checked my problem and told me that it can be fixed in about 72 hours! How happy I was when less than 48 hours my account was reinstated! Service worth that money and I really recommend these guys!
With smartsellerhelp.com I got my account reinstated in little over 24 hours. Responsible and fast service was what I got, and I’m very satisfied with this service! Highly recommended!
John SmithBronx supplies
Such a great experience! I had this problem with my account and I was in doubt that it can be resolved. I contacted to smartsellerhelp.com consultant and got all my doubts away. I found out that not only my account can be reinstated, but also it took only about 7 hours. Really happy I found you guys. Thank you.
Bettie from NY
Thank you again Michael!
KingsBottleHead of KingsBottle
The entire process was smooth however... big however, the guy cursed several times over the phone - too much use of the F word. Guy was a sailor like no other! Other than that thanks for reinstating my account 🙂
Anastasia Rudneva
This site, unlike the others guarante your reinstatement. It is definitely worth the pricing and the little wait for my account to get unsuspended. Thank you! -Becca
Rebecca Andrea
Reinstatement only took 5 hours. Thats what I'm talking about! Thank you guys for amazing and fast work! 🙂
Brenda Alvarez
Can't thank you guys enough for reinstating my account. I honestly thought I would never be able to sell on amazon anymore but you guys made that possible again. Thank You!
Ernie Poliners
I found another site before this one and there were no refunds if your account wasn't reinstated. I was a little skeptical with this one but i'm glad i gave it a try. My account has been working with no further problems.
Marc H.
The team really came through and stunk to their word. I got professional help, exactly what we were looking for. My account was reinstated in 5 hours, wow!
Lovely Inc.
I appealed to amazon a few times and got rejected. I am grateful for smartsellerhelp.com great service. I will be recommending you guys to others.
Kacey U.
I almost gave up on selling on amazon because there was an issue and i kept getting suspended for no reason. Then i found you guys. No more headache, i know where to come if it happens again.
Pet Center
I got in contact with smartsellerhelp.com and like he said it was going to take at least 12 hours for my account to get unsuspended. Actually it only took 6. Muchas gracias!!!
Denise Ernesto
4 hours and my account was up and running again. Thanks for keeping your word guys 🙂 I'll be back if I ever need your help again
Fraco Delorents
If you're to get your account reinstate fast and easy, this site is it. Great support and amazing help! Thank you guys!
Dania D
My account was given back to me in less than 24 hours, as promised. Huge thank you smartsellerhelp.com 🙂 5 stars to you guys
Hastings Inc.
I've heard of this site because but I never thought it would actually work or help. I guess you never know until you try it. THANK YOU! For everything
Rachel Johnson
Both times thay my account was suspended, I used smartsellerhelp.com. They're the best site for account reinstatement for sure. Very useful and grateful for them!:)
Rachel Gergstin
My frustration is finally over, my account is no longer suspended. Joaquin, you're a life saver 🙂
Jennie Nicholas
I barely had any access to my account after my suspension. Thank goodness for this site. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have a job anymore.
Samantha R.
So glad i can get back to my daily living thanks to the this site. Smartsellperhelp.com customer for ever. (I will be back 😉
From me to you Inc.
I believe that amazon wrongfully suspended my account and i thought i was going to wait a long time until amazon fixed it. So i took matters into my own hands and contacted you guys. Thanks for your help!
Sideport llc
My account was suspended for a few weeks. I can't believe i was reinstated the exact same day. I wish i had found you guys sooner. I can't thank you enough.
Square Balloons INC
It only took about 12 hours to get my account reinstated. Many thanks to the smartsellerhelp.com staff. I will be sure to suggest the site to others.
Kim H
I honestly thought I wouldn't get my account back until smartsellerhelp.com. I don't know how to thank you guys enough.
Noel Paterson
Thank you for unsuspending my account. I really learned a lot and will be more careful in the future.
Antoinette Peters
Great Service,
I had almost given up any hope. Then i found smartsellerhelp.com. They have given me instructions and after a few days my listing was unblocked, high recommended!!!
Ferenc D.
I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the great support you provided to my family and I and the attention to gave our seller account.

I honestly attempted to reinstate the account and failed various times.
You however, were able to reinstate my account within 12 hours - the first time!! My family and I are forever indebted to you and your team for helping us reinstate our seller account. Thank you!!!

Michele McKaster
When my account got suspended due to a customer making a complaint that the item was unauthentic. I went ahead and made my own appeal. My Appeal was not good enough for Amazon. I started to panic. I went ahead and googled, read and read. I found a website that helps with the appeal for $500.00 and no guarantees, i paid but it was all automatic. couldn't even send an email to someone. Just fill out the form and they get back to you. I just wasn't comfortable. I did more research, and found smartsellerhelp.com. I sent thrm an email. Got reply right away and my gut feeling was to go with him. Plus his price was fair! I canceled with the other company. I can not say enough good things about smartsellerhelp.com. They were by my side through emails, phone calls, late hours of the day . So professional, honest, friendly team , they really knows what they are doing! My account got reinstated. I can not be more thankful. Single mom and the only income revenue is my Amazon. thank you. Your customer forever!
Thank you very much!!! I literally felt very discouraged but having you guys support me and help me reinstate my account was god sent, couldn't thank you enough guys
Jonathan Sarchawoski
Im really grateful i found these guys, because i lost already all hopes to get my account back. I tried to reinstate my amazon account by myself, but got stuck at writing the appeal letter, amazon rejected my letter, but then a friend suggested me smartsellerhelp.com, and they really helped me to get my account back in just 12 hours. thank you guys for amazing job, I really appreciate that. Will suggest your page to all my friends.
Elizabeth WilmorBeauty World
These guys really helped me get back to business when I was thinking that there is no hope anymore. Very grateful.
Sam Junior
Took couple of days longer than expected but they got the job done. 4 stars minus one for the extra time.
Ashley Ortega
Took couple of days longer than expected but they got the job done. 4 stars minus one for the extra time.
Ashley Ortega
The staff worked effortlessly to make sure my account was unsuspended within the time frame they gave me. I was very impressed. I can't not say enough thank you!
Georges T.
Discouragement was not an option for me because I couldn't lose my business. You gets REALLY helped, I appreciate it. I'm glad I found you guys
Handmade Inc.
Happy wouldn't begin to describe my feels right now. Amazon was pretty much my main source of income and when my account was suspended I didn't know what to do. I'm glad the Smart seller Help helped me reinstate it.
Betty Granger
One of the many things i love about this site is the commitment they have to great customer service. Any questions i had, they were happy to help. Keep up the great work!
Kelly Harper
I thought this was going to be like these other websites that promise you one thing and gives you another. But was really impressed blocked listings were reinstated within 24 hours, as promised. Thanks again!
Larry R.
The pricing was very reasonable and worth it because the service was great. Joaquin was very trustworthy. I wish I got in contact with you guys sooner.
Hope llc
I couldn't stop panicking when amazon rejected my appeal. I was suggest to this site through the amazon seller group on fave book and it really works, i recommend it to the anyone who needs to get their account reinstated 🙂 thanks again!!
David Ryan Smith
I am beyond pleased with the quickness of this site. I don't know what I would've done if my account wasn't reinstated. Infinite thanks to the staff 🙂
Tahala M
Only waited 6 hours for the reinstatement, it honestly doesn't get better than that. Thank you thank you!
Yarn Shop
Even though it took 24 hrs for the reinstatement, i was still happy with the outcome. Gracias.
Olivia Gomez
I've been an amazon seller for 2 years now and had never been suspended before. i had no idea what to do until i found out about smartsellerhelp.com. Thanks for everything.
Oliver James
You are the best and now i finally have my job back. No more suspension.
Fernando Garcia
I usually don't leave reviews but i was really happy about my results. Same day reinstatement is definitely a plus for me. Endless gratitude!
Velvet Straws LLC
Reinstated me in 12 hours, literally impressed... Thanks
Gary Hosper
If wasn't for smartsellerhelp.com, I'm not sure how long it would've taken to get my account back. Thanks again guys!
James N
I like my business done fast and accurately as promised. That is exactly what i got from this site. The steps to reinstatement were super easy. It only took a couple hours for the account to be unsuspended. Thank you very much.
Stacy V.
You guys were super fast, glad I chose you. Thanks for the help Kristian. If i ever need you guys again, I will definitely be back.
Happy Hour INC
Thank you! I'm so glad I have my account back. I was surprised how quick it was. Thanks again
Justin Peters
Thank you SOOO MUCHH!! Thank you, I don't know how to repay you guys. I thought my account was lost for sure. So thank you for reinstating my account!
James Mars
I used smartsellerhelp.com and my account was reinstated within 24 hours. pricing was fair and it was absolutely easy to deal with him. I would recomend smartsellerhelp.com to anyone who has issues with their amazon account.
side note, yes amazon ``seller performance team`` are a bunch of a$$hats.
Julio BCP
We're done on this job and I want to let you know I'm very grateful to you and your team, you do amazing work, from the very start with how you put me at ease, and in the thick of the middle of things, ready to regroup so calmly and once again with great confidence.

I've seen you work around the clock as I was and I've never seen the likes of the way you work, with such a high level of integrity and stamina. You really went above and beyond for what I could have hoped for or expected, by a long shot, including helping me by going over my product page and making suggestions, not to mention composing the thank you letters without any hesitation whatsoever!

Again, my humble thanks, for having my product listing reinstated! And for all your support and hard work =)

Best regards,

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