Types of Suspensions

Types of suspensions we are dealing with

We will help you to reinstate your Amazon account in these cases

Inauthentic item complaints

You actually sell authentic products but one or some of your clients complained to Amazon that items are inauthentic and your Amazon account was suspended.

Intellectual property violations

You don’t have rights on particular intellectual property you sell. You didn’t know this product or any use of particular keywords need that.

Copyright or trademark violations

You did not use trademark or copyright in the right way in order to sell your products on Amazon as a result your account was suspended

Late shipping

For some reasons you shipped ordered goods to your client later than promised according to Amazon policy.

Order cancellations

You sold on Amazon products that actually are not available in your stock

Order defect rates (ODR)

The feedback of your customers was not flattering so Amazon decided to suspend you account because of bad evaluation from your clients.

Product not as described complaints

You sent the wrong item to your client or the product you delivered to your client was different from the product you described.

Used product sold as NEW

The product that you sold was actually used but you sold it as new.

Blocked item

You sold products that were globally banned by Amazon.

ASIN variation violation

You have created several different ASINS for the same product. Misuse of ASIN variations.

Related to another account violations

Your account has been related to another

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